Captures of our non-living guests

If you have a history with The Nickerson Snead House Museum, or have any public record photos and would like to share with us you may do so by email,

See if you can find anything out of the ordinary in this picture.

lady in blue

We hope you enjoy these pictures and EVPs.

Pictures of The Nickerson Snead House

mark's snead house pic 10mark's snead house pic 9mark's snead house pic 8mark's snead house pic 7mark's snead house pic 6mark's snead house pic 5mark's snead house pic 4mark's snead house pic 3mark's snead house pic 2mark's snaed house pic 6

snead house pic1Snead house Pic 2Snead house pic 3Snead house pic 4snead house pic 5snead house pic 6snead house pic 8snead house pic 9snead house pic 10snead house pic 11snead house pic 12snead house pic 13


EVP in the old log portion of the house.

EVP in the Red Room.

EVP on the upstairs landing.


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