Our Rooms!

Below you will find many photos of our guest rooms available at the Nickerson Snead House Bed and Breakfast!

If you have a history with The Nickerson Snead House Museum, or have any public record photos and would like to share with us you may do so by email, thenickersonsneadhouse@gmail.com

Master Suite

Betsy’s Room

The Red Room

The Gold Room

The Green Room

2 thoughts on “Our Rooms!

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  1. Do you rent rooms for the night? I will be in West Virginia from January 22 to January 25. If not do you have any paranormal tours at night and if so how much.
    Thank yiu


    1. Hi there Lisa. We aren’t quite ready for the Bed and Breakfast yet, we’re still setting up trying to make sure we are able to give our guests the best experience possible. However, regarding paranormal tours and events follow us on Facebook. We have a lot of events like that and Facebook is the best way to keep up with those. And also we see our Facebook messages sooner as well, so feel free to message us through there as well. Have a great day and we sincerely apologize for the delay in responding.


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